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Join us in the stone-clad Cantina for an evening of Italian cuisine just as Mamma intended: dine on creamy, decadent risotto prepared lovingly by our resident culinary expert and Lezzeno native using traditional family recipes and homegrown Lombard ingredients. And enjoy your meal around a well-laid table with family and friends in our evocative candlelit wine cellar. Buon Appetito!

Nothing says Italian cuisine quite like risotto, but what is il risotto vero? According to fourth generation rice producer and worldwide risotto expert Chef Gabriele Ferron, real risotto always focuses on perfectly cooked, al dente grains – any other additions are only there to compliment their nutty, herbaceous flavor. It works best with rice varieties like Carnaroli  that are able to maintain their texture throughout the cooking process thanks to the short grains and high starch content. The key for Chef Gabriele is the finish: during mantecatura the rice is whipped or tossed with butter to break up the surface starch and achieve the perfect creamy consistency. 

There’s no true consensus on the exact heritage of this quintessentially Italian dish, but we know that rice first came to the peninsula with Arab traders during the Middle Ages. The crop proved ideally suited to the humid conditions of the Po Valley and experienced a boom, for obvious reasons, when the Spaniards governed the area – like the Viceroy after whom the Palazzo is named. Well into the 1950s, the backbreaking work of cultivating the rice fields was left to Le Mondine, peasant women romanticized in the 1949 film Riso Amaro. Lombardy is still Italy’s “rice bowl” today, producing the popular Carnaroli and Arborio varieties that are ideally suited to risotto. 


The Risotto Experience is available upon request. Guests meet in the Cantina at around 7:00 p.m.   The cost of €65,00  per person includes:  salami and cheese plate  with a glass of  Italian Prosecco,  risotto ,  1 bottle of water, ¼ of bottle of Barbera or Pinot wine per person.


Ensconced in the Palazzo’s cozy, candlelit Cantina


One of the thrills of traveling to Italy is the chance to sample world-class food and wine right where it is produced and to share in local gastronomic traditions. Our Valtellina Wine Tasting Experience offers you just that chance! Ensconced in the Palazzo’s cozy, candlelit Cantina, you’ll sample wines from the Valtellina, an alpine valley about 40 miles northeast of Lezzeno that has been producing wines for more than 2,000 years. Our resident wine expert will lead you through a tasting of three very special vintages that are characteristic for the region, accompanied by locally-produced cured meats, olives and cheeses – as well as some local legends.

La Valtellina: Leonardo da Vinci once described the Valtellina as a “valley surrounded by tall and fearsome mountains”, where the locals produced wines that are “heady and strong”. Not much has changed in the ensuing centuries: this is still one of Italy’s most dramatic wine landscapes, with the vines growing on perilously steep, ideally south-facing, hillsides. That makes for back-breaking, time-consuming harvests and price tags as steep as the slopes! The conditions are tailor-made for viniculture: soil littered with large rocks gathers the day’s heat and releases it throughout the night. Grapes thrive in this cool but sunny climate.

A sample of the wines that may be included in the tasting:

Cà Brione Terrazze Retiche I.G.T.
This blend is made from Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes that are left to dry and late-harvested, extra-ripe Chiavennasca (the local term for Nebbiolo). Aging in French barriques gives this complex white wine its deep golden color.

Valtellina Superiore D.O.C.G.
Valtellina Superiore is thought by many to be the area’s finest red wine. It is made almost exclusively with Chiavennasca grapes, but results in a more elegant, delicate product than Piedmont’s big-name Nebbiolo wines.

Sfurzat della Valtellina “5 stelle” Nino Negri D.O.C.G.
Sfurzat is the local dialect for sforzato, or forced. Chiavennasca grapes are picked extra ripe and then forced, i.e. withered and dried, before vinification – this intensifies the flavor and raises the alcohol content. Unlike Passito dessert wines, which undergo a similar process, Sfurzat della Valtellina is an intense – but also very dry – red wine.


The Wine Tasting Experience is available upon request. Guests meet in the Cantina at around 6:30 p.m. for an expert-led tasting of three wines. To secure the booking, reserve your Wine Tasting Experience at least 72 hours before and please note that a minimum of four participants is required to host the experience. The cost of € 100,00 per person includes a tasting of three outstanding as well as a range of local cured meats and cheese.


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