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Your home by the lake

Lezzeno is the nearest village to Bellagio, on the western shore of the Como-side of Lake Como. It has fantastic lake views, overlooking Villa Balbianello and Isola Comacina.

Living like a local 

Lezzeno is famous for a gastronomic specialty:  Missoltini, fresh water fish (shad) – sun dried and grilled.

Along the shores of Lake Como far from the hustle and bustle of Milan and just minutes from beloved Bellagio, lies the picturesque fishing village of Lezzeno. And nestled among its colorful buildings, just behind the leafy square by the harbor, sits Il Palazzo del Vice Re, a lovingly restored aristocratic palace that has been transformed into a unique boutique property.



Italians are most appreciative of visitors who make an effort to speak at least a few words in their language. Keep in mind that Italian words are generally pronounced as written, with each vowel and consonant sounded.

Good Morning – Buon Giorno
Good Afternoon/Evening – Buona Sera 
Good Night – Buona Notte
Informal greeting to say hello and also Good-Bye – Ciao
Please – Per Favore
Thank You – Grazie
You’re Welcome – Prego
How are You? – Come sta?
Fine – Bene
Excuse me – Mi Scusi
Excuse me when speaking to a number of people, moving through a crowd, entering a room – Permesso


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Quick Facts

Time zone
GMT +1 hour
Central European Time Zone

Language spoken

Electrical system
Local voltage is 220 volts AC
Two or three round-prong plugs. Adapters required for US / UK / Euro



High °C681315202426262216117
Low °C125812151818141052

Local Time

April 25, 2018

Local Weather

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