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Here you will find posts on everything from Lake Como history, activities and restaurants to top practical tips for travelers. Check back every Monday for new posts and share the good news with friends and family! 

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All about Bellagio

Five Day-Trips near Bellagio

We think there is nothing nicer than whiling away the hours at the Palazzo – either lounging on the Sun Terrace as the boats cruise by, relaxing with a cocktail or a meal in [...]

Beauty & Charm – Lake Como

Food, glorious food


Swimming and Watersports

Walking in Italy

  • Lake Como Hiking Map

Lake Como Hiking Map

The hills above Bellagio are perfect for hiking – not only are the paths incredibly well-maintained and signposted, but Lake Como and the snow-capped mountains [...]

Walks Around Bellagio

The whole Lake Como region has picture-perfect spots for walking, whether you are strolling lakeside between the multicolored flower beds or following in pilgrims’ footsteps [...]

Getting around like an expert