Bellagio Italy weather and monthly temperature

Let’s be honest – there really isn’t a bad time to visit Lake Como. Summer, spring or fall – here at the Palazzo de Vice Re, we love them ALL! In winter, of course, the Palazzo closes its doors and settles down for a long winter’s nap. And every year around this time, whether March comes in like lion or a lamb, we get ready to throw open our shutters and let in the early spring sun. Buds appear on the trees in the little park out front, the birds and the bees start making some noise, and the warmer days add a bounce to the villagers’ steps.

When spring comes to the Province of Como, it feels like the world reawakening – but every month of the Palazzo del Vice Re season has its own particular charms. You can always check Holiday Weather for the 14-day weather forecast for Bellagio, Italy before you come! Join us in this blog post for a trip through the Palazzo year, delving into the highs and lows of each month’s temperatures and giving you an idea what to expect whenever you come to us in Lezzeno. Then, it’s up to you to pick the best month to visit Lake Como for yourself!


You’d be a(n April) fool not to visit Lake Como in April! This is the month that marks the official start of the season and – in most cases – our Grand Opening at the Palazzo. Shops, villas and restaurants that closed for the winter reopen their doors; ferries run more frequently to more lakeside destinations. Camellias are in bloom in early April at Villa Carlotta and Villa Melzi, where visitors can enjoy the “Giornata delle Camelie” in early April (this year April 6!), with tickets that combine entrance to both villas with ferry tickets to travel between them. La Festa della Liberazione – Italy’s celebration to mark the end of the Nazi occupation during World War II – is April 25th and visitors can expect ceremonies to honor the fallen, for instance the wreath laying ceremony accompanied by an orchestra at Como’s Monument to the Resistance by the lake.

The weather in April is a mixed bag: average lows range between a chilly 37ºF to 51ºF towards the end of the month, with average highs starting at 57ºF and climbing as high as 64ºF. There is an average of 16 rainy days in April, adding up to over 5 inches of rain in total – so it is a great time to visit Lake Como, but don’t forget to bring your raincoat!



As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” And thanks to the rain, it’s also the month in which the lakeside gardens are on fire with rhododendron and azaleas! Villas from Carlotta and Melzi to Monastero and Balbianello, have brilliant displays to admire throughout May. The month kicks off with Festa dei Lavoratori on May 1, a day to celebrate workers, which our communities mark with speeches from union representatives and the occasional concert or artisan market. The chic Villa d’Este in Cernobbio also hosts the Concorso d’Eleganza – this year from the 24th to the 26th May – a classic car festival that adds some stunning vehicles to the hotel’s gorgeous gardens.

The average low temperatures range from 50ºF to 56ºF, while the highs are in the mid to upper sixties, with the rare day dipping into the seventies, which feels much warmer in the midday sun. You can expect about 7 days of rain during the month amounting to about 4 inches of rain in total.

Villa D'Este gardens


Wow! June is a real stunner; it just might be the best month to visit Lake Como. The days are getting longer, the sun packs a warmer punch and there are some exciting events on the lake. The first big holiday of the month is Festa della Repubblica, Italy’s national holiday. Tricolor flags, banners and brass bands are out in full force to mark the anniversary of the birth of the Italian Republic in 1946. Later in the month, on the weekend of 22/23 June this year, Lake Como celebrates the Sagra di San Giovanni with a bombastic fireworks display (best watched from Palazzo del Vice Re’s Sun Terrace!) on Isola Comacina on the Saturday night and a regatta of traditional Lucia boats during the day on Sunday.

The temperatures in June can go as low as 56ºF and as high as 75ºF on average. And although June is one of the sunniest months of the year, with an average of 11 hours of sun per day, the rains of May can continue into June. Visitors can expect at least some rain on 14 days, with an average of just under 5 inches throughout the month.

San Giovanni sagra


The tourist season is in full swing in July, with visitors from around the world coming to lovely Lake Como. The days are very long, with the sun rising before 5 a.m. and setting well after 8 p.m., giving visitors a chance to make the most of this beautiful destination. And throughout July, there are lots of local festivals – food and artisan markets in lakeside villages, exciting concerts as part of the Lake Como International Music Festival and the Bellagio Festival in stunning lakeside venues and the special exhibitions in the museums and villas of Lake Como.

From a weather point of view, July has a lot to offer. Long, warm – and sometimes hot! – days that range from a low of 62ºF to a high of at least 80ºF. There is still some rain hovering around – sometimes presenting with storms that blow in and blow out, usually in the evenings, and offer a dramatic display of thunder and lightning that has its charms. Average rainfall for the month is about 3.5 inches, and there is a chance of 10 rainy days.

Tremezzo via Regina


August is the month in which a lot of Italians take their own vacations, especially around the 15th, which is known locally as Ferragosto and coincides with the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Maria. The international music festivals mentioned above continue through August, with delightful concerts in places like Villa Carlotta, where this year’s LakeComo International Music Festival presents pianist Federico Rovini on August 9th and the string quartet Les Ventredis on August 16th. Menaggio also hosts an International Guitar Festival in late August, with many of the lakeside towns putting on a village festival with food markets and fireworks in the month of August.

The weather is similar to that of July, with highs around 80ºF – that may feel a LOT hotter in the midday sun – and a chance of rain, or one of those exciting evening thunderstorms, on 10 days on average. The main difference to July is the evenings, when temperatures rarely drop below 63ºF.



We think September is a great time to visit Lake Como – the crowds are starting to dissipate and although the days are shorter, the weather is beautifully mild. It is the harvest season in the wine regions, from Valtellina northeast of Lake Como to Montevecchia south of Lecco, and that means wine events! La Sagra dei Crotti takes place in Chiavenna just north of Lake Como’s northern tip, where visitors can travel on foot or by bike between the rustic houses known as “Crotti” where local wine is served in traditional ceramic jugs. Closer to home we have the Cantine Aperte event in Palanzo, about halfway between the Palazzo and Como, and Casate in Cantina in our very own Lezzeno. Both events invite visitors to stroll through these ancient towns, stopping at private cellars to sample delicious food and wine, while also rubbing shoulders with the locals. The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni also sponsors a Vintage Sails Trophy in late September with an exciting classic sailboat race.

The temperatures on Lake Como in September can go as low as 53ºF and climb as high as 74ºF, although it is a bit more unpredictable than the summer months. Rain can fall on up to 10 days in September, with an average of 4 inches of rain in total. Heat waves, cold snaps and rainy days are all theoretically possible, although history shows that September weather is very pleasant.

Lake Como


October is the final month of the Palazzo del Vice Re season and the main tourist season on Lake Como, with many of the lakeside attractions and restaurants closing down at the end of the month. Many of our guests wouldn’t travel any other time – especially when the autumn foliage makes its debut. The harvest events that started in September continue in some villages in October, such as Degustando Dervio with food and wine tasting in this charming village north of Bellano and the Castagnato Mato Grosso chestnut festival in Menaggio.

Temperatures can go as low as the mid-forties in October and rarely exceed 63ºF, although a crisp cool sunny fall day can sometimes be more pleasant than a hot summer’s day! The chance of rain increases in October, with an average of 12 days of rain as well as almost 5 inches of precipitation in total.

Lake Como